Self Managed Superannuation Fund – why you need an exeperienced accountant and bookkeeper

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Self Managed Superannuation Fund – why an experienced accountant and bookkeeper?

Self Managed Superannuation FundIn the matter of Self Managed Superannuation Fund, Bab is experienced in the accounting and bookkeeping in this area. Individuals who have set up their own SMSF who are inexperience of running and managing the accounting and bookkeeping of same, BaB is here to assist and offer our bookkeeping services.

We strive to assist owners of SMSF in the original input of source documents to the production of financial statements. And yet we provide you as the sole decision maker on how your SMSF is run as BaB is not authorized to give advice.

BaB will come to your premises, assist you in setting up a manual or on-the-shelf software program.
BaB will also look after how the accounting and bookkeeping of your fund’s investment portfolio. BaB will strive to accurately account and record the transactions of these various investments.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund – what is covered?

From fixed interest investments such as deposit at call, bank deposits, fixed term deposits, bank accepted bills, negotiable certificate of deposits, government to semi-government bonds, hybrid securities, shares, managed funds, and numerous others.

BaB will assure to strive and maintain records of these investments and make tab of their investment purchase dates, rates of interest, maturity and or sale dates etc. BaB will calculate the necessary accrual of the interest due from these investments, maintain records of investments in shares, records any dividends received or re-invested.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund – what makes bookkeeper BaB different?

With BaB, the accounting and bookkeeping of the SMSF will provide the owners with accurate set of records that is necessary to maintain a compliant fund. BaB will also assist the owner in the application and obtain the necessary actuarial certificate for the SMSF compliance requirement. BaB will also assist SMSF owners that the SMSF bookkeeping and accounting records be ready for SMSF auditors and tax review.
With BaB, SMSF owners will be confident that they are running a well establish and compliant fund.


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