Melbourne City; Discovering the Jewel of Australia

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Melbourne City; Discovering the Jewel of Australia

Looking for a change of scenery? There are quite a number of great places to relocate to in the state of Victoria, Australia. Some are large cities such as Melbourne, while others are calmer suburbs such as St. Albans. These communities have a combination of factors that make them liveable, including accessibility, infrastructure, cost of living, and quality of life. The following is a detailed comparison of the City of Melbourne and the suburbs of St. Albans.

Living conditions

Melbourne is a vibrant and progressive city in the state of Victoria, with a population of about 4.7 million people. The Economic Intelligence Unit named it the world's most livable city for the seventh year in a row in 2017. This city is buzzing with economic opportunities and beautiful homes, and it rates very highly in education, sports, tourism, healthcare, and research. It is also a financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region and a national cultural center. The street art, music, literature, and diverse restaurants only sweeten the deal for potential residents.
If you prefer places where cultural diversity is celebrated, then St. Albans is the suburb for you. Located about 15 kilometers from the north west of Melbourne, this small suburb has a population of about 37,000 people. This suburb has influences from various parts of the world, making it the ultimate multicultural melting pot. This diversity is evident in several ways, including food, music, and language. Due to its quiet nature and small population, it is ideal for people who want a less hectic and more community-friendly environment.
Mother Nature has been very kind to St. Albans, and it has a number of well-manicured parks. Some of the best places to relax and enjoy the great outdoors include Kororoit Creek and Brimbank Park.
Education and sports
St. Albans has a number of public, private, and religious schools that provide quality education to the area's children. Residents who wish to pursue tertiary education can take classes at Victoria University in this suburb. Soccer enthusiasts will definitely find a team to root for here, as this community is home to the thriving St. Albans Football Club. Other local soccer teams include St. Albans Saints and Green Gully Cavaliers.
Melbourne is home to some of the most prominent schools in the country. In fact, six of the top-20 schools in Australia are located in this city. The quality of university education in this city has attracted quite a number of international students, making Melbourne the world's fourth university city after London, Tokyo, and Boston.
Modes of transport
The major modes of transport in St. Albans include rail transport, public buses, and cycling. The suburb has three train stations on Zone 2 of the Sunbury line, namely St. Albans, Keilor Plains, and Ginifer. The railway line is electrified for better energy efficiency and speed. There are several public bus services in this St. Albans which have improved accessibility to other nearby cities and suburbs. Numerous bike paths and trails make the community even more appealing to cycling enthusiasts.
The city of Melbourne is home to Melbourne Airport, which is the second busiest airport in Australia. The city also has an extensive transport network and the world's largest urban tram network. The Port of Melbourne is the country's busiest seaport for general and containerized cargo. However, most people in Melbourne prefer to use private automobiles for transport.
Living in the city of Melbourne versus the suburbs of St. Albans is basically a trade-off between a bustling place and a quiet neighborhood. The pace is St. Albans is a lot slower than that in Melbourne. However, the large city of Melbourne is a lot livelier and more exciting. You need to ask yourself a few questions before choosing whether to live in St. Albans or Melbourne. Do you prefer a culturally diverse place with a community feel, or do you want a city with a thriving economy and lots of employment and business opportunities? Do you want to live in a place that's close to everything, including shopping outlets, restaurants, and parks, or do you prefer a relaxed and peaceful environment? Your likes and preferences will determine the location that tickles your fancy.
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