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Financial Statement Preparation by Melbourne's Top Bookkeeper

In the matter of financial statement preparation, BaB accounting and bookkeeping services will assist in the preparation of and provide business owners with a monthly, quarterly and/or annual production of financial statements.

They comprise of the following reports such as:

(a) Balance Sheet Statement,

(b) Income Statement

(c) Retained Earnings

(d) Statement of Cash Flows

(e) other necessary accounting reports supporting these statements.

BaB accounting & bookkeeping services will assist business owners in preparing general purpose financial statements which are indeed complex depending on the size of the business. Financial statements may need to present with footnote disclosures while other can be presented without any and they generally depend on the purpose of the financial statements.

Financial Statement Preparation - bookkeeper's point of focus

These financial statement reports are however focused on providing external users and stake holders some useful information about the business. External users vary from banks, government entities, investors or shareholders, lenders or creditors and a lot of others.

Depending on the accounting system used, be it manual or electronic BaB will strive to provide these reports on a timely manner also for business owners information and/or easy reference necessary for them to base on their decision.

Financial Statement Preparation always comes with Bookkeeper Bab's full assistance and support

While depending on the size of the business, BaB will assist business owners the understanding of reading and interpreting of these reports in terms of the what, the why, the how, of the business. With BaB, you can be assured of full assistance and support.

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